What is econazole nitrate cream used for?


What is econazole nitrate cream used for? Another frequently asked question!

The main use of this medicine is to treat skin infections.

It can be used practically for health problems such as ringworm or jock itch. It has been deemed appropriate to use it once or twice a day. If you are going to apply it twice a day, you can choose morning and evening.

Some skin infections may require  5-6 weeks  for treatment.

You can read the medicine insert and use it carefully. 

Be careful not to use it too often.

First clean the area you will apply on your skin, then apply it. After drying, you can apply your cream with gentle and slow movements.

If you have allergies, be sure to tell your doctor before taking the medication.

It may cause side effects such as itching and irritation. So don’t worry.

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