DIY Lip Gloss Recipes


If you are thinking of giving your lips a treat, why not try out a DIY Lip Gloss? It is no more difficult than applying any lipstick to your lips. These products are becoming very popular and there are many different varieties of them to choose from. They are generally water-based so it won’t cake up and do not have any sort of stiffening agents in it. This is very important if you want a lasting and reliable result.

This kit gives you the option to customise 6 different tubes of quality in lip gloss from your favorite cosmetic brands. This kit comes with an American-make lip balm gel base which gives a wonderful lip-softening extra emollient barrier. Each natural mineral pigment powder also contains a unique extra Gloss Enhancing Oil that helps to soften your lips and keeps them soft and hydrated. It also offers a rich, intense color that will add a gorgeous flush of color to your lips.

DIY-Lip-GlossThe kit also comes with an instructional booklet, which has information about the components and how to use the diy lip gloss to achieve the look and feel that you are after. You will be given the options to choose between a variety of ingredients that make up the product. There are also instructions to make lip balms, glosses and lip gels. There are several ways to apply these products. For example, if you want to apply it on your lips to taste, there are some ingredients that you need to put inside the jar – for example the strawberry extract.

Some of the die lip gloss containers also come with a recipe card and bottle of honey to make a lip balm. This honey may sound unusual but it is one of the most powerful antibacterial agents known to man. The strawberry extract and the honey will work well to moisturize and soften the skin underneath while the oil can also help to plump them up. A good practice is to mix the strawberry and honey first then add the oil to make the mixture.

When you purchase the ingredients, you will notice that there are a couple of things that are unique to this brand. Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a healthy moisturizer and for exfoliating the skin. It seems that the coconut oil in the DIY lip glosses may be able to fight the bacteria responsible for acne. It would therefore be a great ingredient to get the best and the safest. The other ingredients are mica and zinc oxide.

Both zinc oxide and mica are natural ingredients that help to protect the lips from damage caused by smoking and other environmental factors. It also helps to prevent the lipstick itself from becoming chapped when you apply it directly on your lips. Vinylides and oils will make a lip gloss last a long time if you keep it in the refrigerator. The mica found in the DIY lip glosses is great to keep the lips silky smooth. It is not just for lip glosses, you can use it to remove your make-up at night or before going to bed.diylipgloss

The final ingredient to the die lip gloss recipe is beeswax. Beeswax is a pure, dark, liquid wax that comes from the bees. It is a solid by-product of the wax process and is therefore very highly refined. This means that the beeswax in the DIY lip glosses has no artificial coloring or flavors added to it. It is simply a clear, white wax that can be melted and spread into a delicious lip balm.

If you are new to making lip glosses then this is a great way to start. You can learn more about the ingredients used in the recipe by following the link below. Even if you have never made lip products before, you can follow the instructions in the above tutorial and be on your way to creating a lip gloss that you can wear proudly. These recipes are perfect for diy lovers who want to try something new without spending a lot of money on professional cosmetic products.

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