How to lose belly fat, reduce bloating & water weight in 7 days?


Do you want to lose belly fat? Learn where to start and have a healthier body with less belly fat, water weight & bloating. However, don’t be fooled. It might 7 days to reach your goal but you will need a lot more days to keep yourself fit.

Dear reader, you are not the only one trying to lose belly fat. Secondly, motivate yourself to become healthier. Believe us here at Weekly DIYs, having big muscles is not that important. However, having a healthy body is the key to a healthier life, so, get your ass up and let’s do this together.

Before you go on to watch “How to make my booty bigger” you first need to change your lifestyle. Changing bad habits to healthier ones is crucial to making a strong & healthy body. The video of Bright Side is a perfect example for the first steps a person should take to become fit without extreme dieting or gym.

To begin with, fat is not the only reason why our belly looks big. Unhealthy lifestyle & diets contribute to feeling bloated and have higher water weight. Start by targeting your belly fat through checking if you are bloated and have higher water weight.  Your goal is to:

  • Get rid of bloating;
  • Reduce water retention;
  • Reconsider your lifestyle & diet.

Getting rid of bloating and lose belly fat through Acupressure

Use the power of Acupressure to get rid of bloating and lose your belly fat. As we all know, bloating is not fat, it is air or gas that collects in your gut and causes your stomach to feel very tight and swollen. Don’t feel scared, Acupressure might sound very fancy but this particular method that we will use is very easy to do. Plus, it helps with to prevent gas formation and reduces the heaviness in your stomach.

  • How do to Acupressure to get rid of bloating? To find the first point of acupressure measure around four fingers above your bellybutton. After you find that point, use one finger and in a circular motion massage for around 3 minutes (clockwise and counterclockwise). Additionally, to find the second point of acupressure measure around four fingers below your belly and do the same 3 minute circular motion massage.

Use more Ginger, Turmeric and Peppermint!

Ginger both as tea or eating it raw is a perfect ingredient against bloating. If you do not know how to make a good cup of ginger tea, follow the instructions below:

“Peel and dice 3 ounces of ginger root and add 3 cups of water and put it to boil. After the water boils let it cool down for a bit, pour it in a cup, squeeze some lemon juice and add a tea spoon of honey for taste.”

If you are lazy to make the ginger tea you can easily eat a teaspoon of grated ginger or add it in your meals. Also purchase a pack of peppermint tea, is very easy to make and it is also good against bloating. Another spice you can add to your diet is turmeric powder; it goes very well with smoothies or just mixing it with water.

How to reduce water retention to lose belly fat?

One of the main goals to become healthier is to flush out the excess fluid accumulated in your stomach. By reducing water retention you will also feel less puffy. One thing we want to put emphasis here is that you should keep drinking water. Drinking water is not associated with higher levels of water retention. On the contrary, drinking water does not allow excessive fluids to build in your stomach which also contribute to your belly fat.

  • Cut down salt intake because it causes the body to retain more water;
  • Add foods rich in potassium to your diet such as banana, tomato, spinach, avocado, beetroot and coconut water;
  • Prepare dandelion tea if you can because it works as natural Diuretic (fancier way to say it makes you pee more often);
  • Reduce your Carbohydrates intake (don’t eat fast food)
  • Stop eating chocolates, processed sugar, sweeteners and refined grains.

How to change my diet and lifestyle?

When it comes to changing your diet follow the basics, replace carbs with protein. Add nuts, fish, dairy products and meat to your diet. Additionally, reduce your portion sizes, eat smaller portions but more frequently throughout the day. Also, quit drinking soda and sugary drinks because they make you feel bloated and also add up to that belly fat. Instead, make you drinks at home. You can choose one of the following recipes:

  • Mix ½ cup of pomegranate, one grapefruit, a pinch of salt and one teaspoon honey.
  • Blend ¼ cup of pineapple, one cup of water, ½ teaspoon of fennel seeds and a bit of black pepper.
  • Blend ½ cup of celery with a cup of water. Pour it in a glass and add a teaspoon of vinegar + a pinch of black pepper for taste.

Last but not least, change your bad daily habits. Try to be more active, use stairs instead of elevator and try to walk more often. The only exercise you need to be doing is to get on your all fours and inhale deeply while loosening up the belly muscles. Then when you exhale, tighten your belly muscles and hold your breath for 20 to 30 seconds.

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