Homemade Cake Recipes for Birthday Parties and Other Celebrations


Top 10 Top Homemade Cake Recipes. Cakes are probably not the first thing people think of when it comes to party food, but they’re one of the most enduring desserts around the world. Delicious cakes are not just a good way to celebrate an occasion, they are also an old time favorite dessert staple that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Whether you are looking for the ultimate recipe for your next big party or just trying to tweak an old favourite, look out for these innovative take on classic flavors and classic favorites. When in doubt, keep it simple and delicious!

One of the classic delights around the Christmas holidays is pecan pie. This very sweet and delicate cake recipe can be made with the same ingredients that you would traditionally bake a pecan pie. In fact, you might consider using a pre-baked pie shell rather than making your own by rolling out the dough and cutting it into layers. If you have a bit of time on your hands, this is one of the best cake recipes you can try.

birthday cakeAnother very moist cake recipes are made from gingerbread. There are many different versions of this recipe, but all use ginger, cinnamon, and butter to help add that extra crunch. You can even sprinkle a little of sugar over the top for that extra bit of sweetness! Consider baking with coconut butter, as this works especially well, especially when it is mixed with cranberries to make a nice winter dessert.

A lot of the classic cake recipes call for a basic cake batter, but if you have some success in experimenting with new ingredients, you can certainly make a very different flavor concoction. For example, did you know that coconut can add a distinct coconut flavor to any batter? All it takes is a teaspoonful of pure coconut extract added to the mix before you bake. This will help add a distinct coconut flavor to your baked goods.

One of the best vanilla cake recipes around is actually made from vanilla ice cream and whipped topping. You will not believe how much vanilla essence you can put into a simple freezer basket or bowl! You will also want to start blending your ingredients together using a mixer, so that your mixture will be smooth and consistent when it comes time to pour it over your cooled cake mix. Add a small amount of vanilla buttercream to the mix, just enough to lightly top your cake with a light coating of vanilla.

When you are looking for very moist cake recipes, nothing beats the recipe used in our favorite cooking show, ‘The Great Food Show’. This recipe uses crushed ice in its place of traditional crushed cake mix. It is absolutely perfect as a cold dessert, and it makes a stunning frozen treat as well. The combination of crushed ice and a little bit of creamy lemon gives this recipe a velvety, moist texture that everyone loves.

Cake recipes with no cooking should always use good quality cake mix and good quality frosting. Good frosting should have a smooth consistency and should not be sweet tasting or overly sugary. A very popular cake recipe that uses both a good quality recipe frosting and a delicious but still moist cake batter is the ‘tiramisu’ cake.

Tiramisu is a popular homemade cake recipe that uses a brand of chocolate cake decorating ingredient called ‘Molino’ (which is a combination of molasses and cream-based milk). This cake recipe uses molasses as a natural sweetener, which helps to avoid the overwhelming sugar concentration you get with commercially prepared desserts. This tasty dessert uses the dark chocolate chips and has a thick, syrupy texture. The recipe also includes sugar for a thick, smooth, moist cake that is perfectly sweet without being overly sweet. These homemade cake recipes are perfect for someone who wants to impress their friends at their birthday party or just want to surprise their family!

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